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Change Happens Through Movement and Movement Heals – Joseph Pilates

Balanced Core Pilates is not a big box gym. We aren’t guided by caloric burn, reps or sets, and we don’t find motivation in guilt. We are here to help you move better, so that you canennjoy your body in as many ways as possible, for as long as possible. Sometimes that means we move your toes. Sometimes that means we talk about how your shoulder rotates. Sometimes that mean that we encourage you to bet silly and explore your movement as would a child. We always have a greater purpose than the movement that happens in the studio. Are you ready to be your body’s best friend? 

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The Trainers

Donna Dunn

The Founder of Balanced Core Pilates. Donna's passion for pilates lead her to become a Pilates Teacher. Helping others reduce pain, prevent injuries and improve balance. Donna is available for private, duets, small classes and workshops.

Francesca Edwards

Balanced Core Pilates is excited to announce Francesca Edwards to our team. Francesca is available for private Pilates sessions. Read Bio below for more information Francesca’s introduction to Pilates began several years after she fell in love with the equine sports of Dressage and Eventing when, at 14, she was given a much larger and stronger horse named Topasio. It soon became clear that she needed to train herself as well as the horse or they would never progress to the higher levels. That was when she discovered Pilates. At first Pilates was hard and she hated it, but as she improved so did her riding. Eventually Pilates became a regular part of her exercise routine and Francesca learned to appreciate its unique principles. Since her time with Donna, Francesca has successfully competed many horses and she is most proud of Topasio and his solid performance at the Grand Prix level. After graduation from Johnson and Wales University with an Equine Business Management Degree, Francesca opened a small dressage training business and also began to study the finer points of Pilates with regular lessons at Donna’s studio. Over the last 7 years with Donna, Francesca’s skills have improved to the point where she was easily able to become certified and is very excited to be working at Balanced Core Pilates as an instructor.